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• What is the DIRECTV system?
The system consists of an 18-inch dish, digital set-top decoder box and remote control. Equipment features an innovative on-screen guide that lets users scan and select programming choices order pay per view movies, set parental controls and spending limits and customize their own channel lists with the remote control and an on-screen menu. The system receives programming from DIRECTV and USSB®, a complementary direct broadcast satellite service that offers the premium movie services such as HBO, Showtime, Cinemax or The Movie Channel.

• Should I install it myself?
The hardware is easy to install. The dish can be installed in almost any outdoor location as long as it has an unobstructed view to the south. Professional installation is readily available or it can be done by handy do-it-yourselfers. A helpful on-screen satellite locator and signal strength meter simplifies the dish positioning process. The dish receives all programming from one position in the sky. Thus, the dish remains in one place, minimizing maintenance and eliminating the need for satellite tuning and repositioning.

• Can I install the satellite dish inside my attic?
The system requires an unobstructed view to the southern sky. Therefore, your dish must be placed outside.

• What is the purpose of connecting my receiver to my telephone line?
DIRECTV asks customers to connect a phone line to the receiver for billing and ordering purposes only. This connection transmits programming purchase information from the receiver. This important link authorizes DIRECTV subscribers to order pay per view movies and events with their remote control and get popular sports subscriptions like NFL SUNDAY TICKETTM and NBA LEAGUE PASS™. Customers who don’t have a continuous telephone connection are not authorized to receive certain sports programming and must call DIRECTV when ordering pay per view offerings. To cover the costs of handling phone requests, DIRECTV applies a $5 service charge on phone orders for pay per view movies and events.

• Will the telephone connection interfere with regular telephone usage?
No. This connection does not interfere with your phone. A modem inside your receiver makes a toll-free call to DIRECTV's computer system in the middle of the night. If the receiver’s modem senses that you are using the phone, it will try again later. The modem’s call lasts just a few seconds.

• Why does the system require an access card? How does it work?
The access card, which comes with each system, acts as a "license plate" for your system. It provides security and encryption information and allows you to control the use of your system. The access card also allows DIRECTV to capture billing information that is specific to your account. The card contains a microprocessor that enables the card to act as an auxiliary processor for your satellite receiver.

• Can I paint the dish?
It’s okay to paint your dish if you don’t use lead-based or glossy paint. Glossy paint could damage the Low Noise Block (LNB) converter by increasing the signal reflection. Do not paint the LNB itself.

• Can DIRECTV be connected to more than one television set in my house?
Purchasing separate DIRECTV System receivers for the various television sets in your home allows the flexibility of watching different DIRECTV programs on different television sets. To do so, you will need to purchase a dual DIRECTV System. The dual DIRECTV System allows you to use additional receivers so members in your household can watch different channels or pay per view programs in different rooms at the same time. The second room receivers are sold separately at retail outlets across the country. If all your DIRECTV System receivers are connected to the same phone line, then DIRECTV can mirror your subscription package for a nominal fee for each additional DIRECTV outlet.

• How does DIRECTV compare with cable?
DIRECTV has created a programming service specifically driven to offer consumers more choice and value for their entertainment dollar. DIRECTV combines America's favorite cable networks, other popular networks not available from most cable services, a pay per view movie service with up to 55 choices of movies and special events every night, and an unprecedented sports subscription lineup. No other system offers as many quality program options. DIRECTV is also a more affordable option on a per channels basis.

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